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In the beating heart of Central London, you can find CJL -- a social and business hub bringing Jewish professionals together.

At CJL we want to do more, which is why we’re introducing Mentorship 360°, a community of mentors and mentees where individuals can impart both professional and life wisdom.

Pick your track

Senior Mentor

You’re seasoned in business and want to share your experience with the next generation. This is for you.

Young Mentee

This is for you if you are a couple of years in business and need some advice and clarification.

University Student

Starting out in the business world can be confusing. There are questions, hesitations, and dilemmas that that you need answers for.

“Helped me immensely with my decision making.”

The mentoring programme has helped me immensely with my decision making and has increased my confidence as well as my commercial instinct. In this short period, I have made significant choices and good career progression.


Bradley Bendell

“I certainly benefited from the advice of an experienced professional.”

I certainly benefited from the programme by receiving and drawing on the advice of an experienced professional within my field. Having someone to bounce ideas off, about my career, the industry, exams and personal challenges was invaluable.


James Abrams

“It was invaluable being paired with a mentor.”

Some knowledge can only be gained through experience and it was invaluable being paired with a mentor who not only has a wealth of experience in my professional field but also the ability to listen and empathize. I have continued to meet my mentor and the conversations have proven beneficial
to how I think about and manage my career.



You don’t just get ‘support’…
… you get

Personable support

In a dog-eat-dog world it can feel like no one really cares. Joining Mentorship 360° means that you connect with someone and feel like you’re part of something. Get the sage advice from someone who has been-there-done-that.

Community Support

Whether you’re a mentor or a mentee there is nothing like the strong support of a community. The interaction between members means that no matter the stage you’re gaining a fresh input and outlook. There is no top-down approach here, it’s about paying it forward no matter your status.

Career Support

The business world can be confusing at best and intimidating at worst. By linking up with a mentor, you know the complex issues and challenges that tend to crop up can be talked through with someone qualified. Bring your thorniest career issues to the table and walk out with clarity.

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Once I sign up, what do I get?



There is nothing as valuable as mentorship focused on your needs and your stage in business.By talking 1 to 1 with someone you gain invaluable outtakes from their life experience and learn from their wise advice.


Group Mentorship

This is where you get informative peer-interaction and insightful direction no matter your stage. As a member, you’ll have exclusive access to these group mentorship sessions -- which you’ll want to attend because we have some well-known experts with top-notch expertise.


Job board

At a fork in your career? You’ll find a constantly updated job board, and you can apply to those jobs with the career advice and direction from your mentor.


Private Platform

Access to a private platform where you can connect across the board with like-minded individuals. Learn from everyone - because we all have what to share.

Paying it forward

Top down doesn’t work at CJL.We believe in “paying it forward”, empowering participants to give and receive. Our hope is that mentees will eventually give back to the community and mentor newer students.

It’s 360° all the way.

  • When two people meet, something good should result for a third 
    Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak of Lubavitch

CJL handpicks its mentors for your success

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

  • What is the purpose of this program?

    To create a community of mentors and mentees where experienced individuals can impart both professional and life wisdom. We want a pay-it-forward attitude because we believe that whatever your age and stage you have what to share and give.

    Add to this the thoughtfully presented documentation, featuring code highlighting, snippets, class customizer explanation and you’ve got yourself one powerful value package.

  • How long does the program run for?

    The program is set to run 6 months, however, this will differ from case to case as people work at different paces and with different goals. So don’t worry if this timeframe doesn’t work for you, it’s flexible.

  • How do I find my mentor?

    After you hit “apply now”, you’ll be directed to fill out an application form. According to your personal and specific details, you’ll be matched to a suitable mentor.

  • How often will I meet with my mentor?

    This is completely up to each mentor and mentee to decide but the recommended guidelines are 6 times a year. Sessions should last anywhere between 30 minutes to 60 minutes.

  • How do I know that this program will work?

    The success of your experience is directly linked to the effort you put into the program. We cannot guarantee the results, but our experience shows a 100% rate of satisfaction from both mentors and mentees.

  • How do I know if this is for me?


    • Joining a supportive network
    • Learning from those more experience
    • Getting tips and advice from people “out there”

    ...Sounds like something that you can use -- then this is for you.

  • When the programme ends, can I continue the relationship with my mentor/mentee?

    Our programme is designed/built to run through a specific structure with milestones to insure a successful result. maximise the efficiency and productivity. You are of course free to continue the relationship with your mentor.

Experience cutting edge technology when you join Mentorship 360°

You get access to an online virtual community, that’s easy to navigate and saves you time because you can schedule appointments right on the platform.

It’s not a cumbersome new navigation to learn, it’s simple and easy.

  • I met with these students and they kept on asking me the questions, "How do you grow a business internationally? What about different cultures?" My view is that all people are the same; everybody wants to grow in life, take care of their kids, wants to have good medical care, and, really, everybody wants to be part of a company, a culture, a club, and a tribe that they feel comfortable with, that they enjoy. If you’re passionate about something, eventually you’ll get it done.”
    Stanley Bergman
    Chairman and CEO of Henry Schein:
  • “If we do not fundamentally help our community grow and progress and make young professionals feel proud that they are Jewish, they will forsake the religion. The only way to do that is to have people who are ready to give their time and effort and physically create an environment that will allow young professionals to feel proud of being Jewish.”
    Keith Breslauer
    Founder & Director, Patron Capital
  • “One of the very important aspects of the Centre for Jewish Life is the passing of the baton from the older generation to the younger generation. To a large degree, our success as a people is really dependent upon those who are coming forward, the younger generation, understanding, respecting, and learning from the older generation.”
    Martin Moshal
    International businessman and the founder of Moshal scholarship program
  • “The secret of the CJL has been to treat everyone with tolerance and inclusiveness, getting people more connected and doing all this in a place that is cool and trendy. But its power is that it has kept the spirit and beauty of Judaism.”
    Edward Misrahi
    Ronit Capital

What happens now?

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Apply to be a mentor / mentee.

Step 2

Your application will be processed

You’ll gain access to the private platform

You’ll be matched with a suitable mentor / mentee

Step 3

You’ll get:

Clear instructions on how to set up calls with your mentor

Periodic invitations to exclusive events